Meet the Artist

Please call me Eden. I am 22 years old and I am an artist based in BC, Canada!

I like to draw original characters, pin-ups, and horror-themed subjects. I'm very flexible with what I'm willing to draw, for myself and others.
I also enjoy designing websites, and making wire jewelry, and crochet.

My current passion project is The Book of Gehenna; a worldbuilding project surrounding the concept of Hell from Christian mythology. It's a society, built by what humans would percieve to be demons and infernal monsters, ruled by their king Satan Lucifer and the Seven Setarchs of Sin, on their planet they call Gehenna.


I began drawing at a very young age, and started with digital artwork when I was about 7 years old (2008). Like many in my generation, I was exposed to the internet at a very early age and was amazed at the idea of drawing on a computer. I watched a lot of YouTube at this time, and often stumbled upon "speedpainting" videos; where the artist would record their screen while they were drawing (usually on MS Paint). I took a lot of inspiration from many artists back then, and began to draw with my computer mouse on MS Paint like a lot of them would.
As I got older, my parents took note of my interest in drawing and they got for me my first drawing tablet when I was 11 years old; a Wacom Bamboo Create. From there I really honed my craft, and drew as often as I could. At school I would be sketching on my notes or in a small sketchbook, and once I got home I was on my computer right away and drawing with my tablet. The subjects I often drew were oriented towards horror and grim-dark themes, even at such a young age. I took a great interest in the "Creepypasta" fandom and that was usually my subject in my artwork, from Slenderman to Jeff the Killer. Besides the horror, I was also interested in the Furry community. If I wasn't drawing something creepy, it was probably a furry or some kind of animal.
I continued drawing and improving throughout all of middle school and high school. I never liked art classes when I was a student; I often dropped out of them after the first week. They frustrated me a lot, as the teachers of those classes normally limited what we could actually create. I just kept drawing whenever I had free time. I would draw characters from my favourite video games, TV shows, and movies; and I would create my own characters for my own worlds. It was around 2014 that I began creating a world that would eventually become what I now call Gehenna; my own version of Hell, from the Christian mythology. I drew demons and monsters, and gave them stories and personalities that I could then draw interacting with each other.
Gehenna was of course not called Gehenna at the time, and didn't recieve that name until 2023. For years I just called it "my Hell". Over the years I continued developing on it, building their society and designing the species that resided there. It went from being a separate dimension, to eventually being a planet within our universe. I never imagined it to be the typical hellish firescape that most attribute to the concept of Hell; I always imagined a society of "demons", with their own cultures and forms of architecture, much like humans on Earth.
As of 2023, I work on Gehenna with my significant other Jake, whenever we have free time and the creative energy. I don't have any big plans for The Book of Gehenna yet, but my dream would be to write a book or perhaps a comic book within the world! Besides that project, I usually just draw whatever I feel like now, whether that be unrelated original characters or more fan-art for media that I enjoy.